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Cat Training Tapes

Cat Training Tapes

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Train your cats to say "no" to scratching and effortlessly protect your furniture. Our double-sided sticky tape are designed to fit any corner or surface, offering comprehensive coverage to safeguard your cherished belongings. Crafted with non-toxic and residue-free material, this training tape ensures the well-being of your cat's claws without the hassle of claw covers or deterrent sprays. Applying our tape is a breeze, and once in place, it becomes nearly invisible, seamlessly blending with your furniture.

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100% Purrfection Guaranteed

If you encounter any hiccups or hissy fits, contact Joyce Miller at ensures your worries go from scratch to gone!

  • Clean the Surface

    Always vacuum & clean the area with a wet cloth first so the adhesive works properly.

  • Peel the White Backing

    Peel off the white backing first and apply on couch.

  • Remove the Blue Backing

    Stick the sticky side on, once
    you’re satisfied, peel off the blue backing. And you’re done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

Does cat training tape work?

Here's the secret sauce: our cat training tape is sticky on both sides, and let's be real, cats absolutely hate that sticky feeling! We recommend using it consistently for around 3 months. After that, remove the tape and see if your furball has learned their lesson.

If they need a little more time, don't fret! Some cats can be a tad stubborn. Just replace the tape and remember, patience is key when teaching our fur babies.

How to apply cat training tape?

We assure you it's simple as 1-2-3.

Always vacuum & clean the area first so the adhesive works properly.

2.Choose & Peel: Choose the suitable size & peel off the white backing

3. Stick & Apply: Stick the sticky side on, once you’re satisfied, peel off the blue backing. And you’re done applying! 🎉

Can I use it on any surface?

While our double sided sticky tape works like magic on most surfaces, we don't recommend using it on leather, microfiber, or velvet. Finding the perfect adhesive that can withstand claws without damaging those delicate surfaces is like finding a unicorn.

To play it safe, always test a small patch before going all in. Better safe than sorry, right?

Why does my cat lick the tape?

Ah, the mysteries of feline behavior! Some cats are just naturally curious (or maybe they're secret tape connoisseurs). But fear not, our deterrent tape is non-toxic, so you can relax. If it still unsettles you, consider our furniture protectors instead. They're non-adhesive on the outside, so no more sticky temptations for your curious kitty.

There's sticky residue left after peeling. What should I do?

Hey, it's a rare occurrence, but sometimes it happens. No worries! Grab some rubbing alcohol and give it a gentle wipe-off. Or, here's a fun trick: heat up the adhesive with a hair dryer and then wipe it away with ease. Find out more on our article here!

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