About Us

Welcome to Panther Armor - Where Cat Chaos Meets Harmonious Homes!

Once upon a time, in a home filled with wagging tails and purring companions, John and Susan Miller found themselves caught in a battle against claw chaos. Their lovable fur kids turned their once-pristine furniture into scratching havens. It was a sight to behold, but definitely not one they wanted to live with forever.

Being devoted pet parents, John and Susan couldn't bear the thought of declawing their furry friends. They believed in finding a solution that would protect their furniture while keeping their beloved companions happy and unaltered. Thus, their mission to save their furniture without sacrificing their pets' well-being began.

With their trusty furry sidekicks by their side, John and Susan embarked on a journey to create a range of products that would defend their cherished furniture from relentless claws. 

The result? Panther Armor, a collection of home & furniture protectors that tick all the boxes. These ingenious creations became the saving grace for John and Susan's home, transforming it into a haven of scratch-free bliss.

Now, John and Susan are thrilled to share their creation with fellow pet parents like you. They understand the struggles, the torn-up upholstery, and the quest for a claw-friendly alternative. Their hearts are full of joy knowing that their innovative products can help you create a harmonious home, where furniture and furry friends coexist in purrfect harmony.

Join us on a mission to protect furniture while cherishing the bond between humans and their furry friends. Together, let's embrace a world where pet happiness and well-preserved furniture go hand in paw.