Embrace Paw-sitive Protection

Spreading Joy, Saving Furniture

As fellow pet parents, we understand the struggle of dealing with the damage caused by our beloved pets' claws on our couches. We love our cats dearly, and declawing was never an option for us. That's why we created this solution – a tape that helps train cats and protect our furniture without resorting to drastic measures. We hope our tape provides you with the peace of mind and relief it has brought us. Here's to a scratch-free and joy-filled home for you and your furry kids!

- John & Susan Miller

  • Durable Defense

    High endurance against any
    claws & teeth

  • Simple & Effortless

    Seamless installation, stress-free maintenance

  • Safe & Spotless

    Non-toxic and residue-free formula for a peace of mind.

100% Purrfection Guaranteed

If you encounter any hiccups or hissy fits, count on John & Susan Miller for quick fixes.
While Joyce Miller at support@panther-armor.com ensures your worries go from scratch to gone!

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