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Cat Litter Liners

Cat Litter Liners

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🌿 ECO-FRIENDLY 🌿 crafted from compostable, plant-based materials.

🌿EFFICIENT DISPOSAL, LEAK-PROOF, EXTRA THICK 🌿 just lift out the entire cat box liner, tie up the drawstring to seal, and replace with fresh litter. 


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frequently asked questions

Your Questions, Answered

Do Cat Litter Boxes Need Liners?

While not essential, cat litter box liners can offer several benefits. They help simplify the cleaning process by containing the litter and waste, making it easier to dispose of. Liners also protect the litter box from stains and odors, extending its lifespan.

Are Litter Box Liners Worth It?

Litter box liners can be worth it for cat owners seeking convenience and cleanliness. They help maintain a tidy litter box environment, making scooping and cleaning more efficient. Additionally, liners can prevent urine and feces from sticking to the box, reducing the need for frequent scrubbing and extending the life of the litter box.

How to Use Cat Litter Liners

Using cat litter liners is simple and straightforward. Start by unfolding the liner and placing it inside the litter box, ensuring it covers the bottom and sides completely. Smooth out any wrinkles or folds to prevent leakage. Add your preferred litter on top of the liner, then introduce your cat to the freshly lined litter box. When it's time to clean the box, gather the edges of the liner and tie them securely to contain the waste. Dispose of the liner and waste as per your usual disposal method, and replace it with a new liner as needed. Remember to regularly scoop out waste and replenish the litter to keep the litter box clean and inviting for your cat.
We have the compostable Litter Bags for daily litter disposal!