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5 Tips to Make your Furniture Last Longer Even If You Are a Cat Owner

Do you have a cat?

If so, then you need to protect your furniture. Or rather, stop your cat from clawing it down. Cats are territorial creatures, and they may want to mark your nice new sofa or chair as their own. To be honest, some of them do pretty much everything but pee on you when they're angry. However, unlike dogs that just shake their heads and walk away after marking their territory, cats do not attempt to tell others about who owns what. Rather than lip locking your treasured items, they go for the claws out option. The problem with being a cat owner is that it's hard to stop the urge to pet your cat while it's rubbing up against you. I mean who doesn't love a good belly rub? 

Cats are wonderful animals. I remember when I first got mine. He would just snuggle with me and keep me warm at night. The next thing I knew, my favorite couch had deep claw marks all over it. This is the story of almost anyone who has a cat or a dog. If you have pets at home, you might not have furniture that is as good as new anymore. Let's talk about ways to prolong the life of your furniture in case you have pets!


5 Tips to Make your Furniture Last Longer

  1. When it comes to cleaning up after your pet, always remember not to use harsh chemicals or detergents because these can damage wood surfaces and fabrics over time - especially when left on too long! I've found that a mild soap mixed with water works best when cleaning up after pets since they tend to leave behind oils and stains which can build up over time if not properly cleaned off regularly!
  2. Cats use their claws to stretch and sharpen them, but they also like to scratch because it feels good on their claws. It's like when we rub our feet on the carpet to get comfortable or go for a massage after a long day at work. Many people buy expensive scratching posts for their cats, but if you don't have money for those, there are other alternatives that are cheaper and fun for both you and your furry friend!
  3. Buy some catnip toys! There are tons of catnip toys out there that will help keep your cat occupied while you're away from home or even when they're hanging out around the house! 
  4. Use the best furniture protector for cats by Panther Armor! Panther Armor premium vinyl sheets are scratch-proof, long-lasting and elegant. The furniture protectors will keep the lint, fur or dust away from your couch and keep it looking as new as ever. Cats will stop scratching the couch right on the spot after you install Panther Armor.  The sturdy sheets are unattractive for little pets, so they won't even try scratching it.  Your cat will give up scratching after you install Panther Armor. You can easily customize the sheets to fit your furniture shape and size. The furniture protectors have a strong adhesive that will keep them in place for years if properly installed.
  5. Grandma had a saying, "scratch once, your cat will itch twice." That is to say that you should never reward a destructive behavior. If you notice your cat scratching an object or even itself repeatedly, you should address this behavior immediately. If your cat is scratching furniture in your home, stop petting it when it does so and start rewarding the good behaviors.

The best part about Panther Armor is that it is non-toxic and 100% safe. You don't have to worry about your furniture getting damaged or your cat being harmed by this tape. It will annoy the cat so much that it will forget about the object of desire, saving you from a lot of frustration. The tape comes off easily, leaving behind no residue.

Cats are natural-born hunters. They love to climb, swat at things, and scratch whatever they can get their paws on. This can be a problem when you have expensive furniture or carpeting, so it's important to teach your cat how to stop scratching your furniture. There are many ways to stop cats from scratching furniture. The most common method is to use Comfort Zone products. You may also want to try diverting attention away from fabrics by giving your cat a furry friend in the form of a toy. Game time will give them something else to focus on besides fabrics!

Ultimately, when buying a sofa or chair, consider getting one with a dark fabric. Not only does it hide the claw marks well enough, but it fits the modern atmosphere just as well. Also, there are plenty of scratch-proof covers to keep your cat from doing any more damage than it needs to.

Being a cat owner is both rewarding and difficult. Firstly, your kitty brings so much joy to your life that you don't mind the clawing issues. However, as many cat owners know, there are times when the clawing gets out of hand. The battle for territory is on at that point, and it's hard to stop the aggression from spreading to other areas. In other words, you don't want your cat to harm his or her own claws.

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